Spinabone OFFER


Spinabone OFFER
Spinabone OFFER Spinabone OFFER Spinabone OFFER Spinabone OFFER Spinabone OFFER

MAX ORDER 6 Per Customer
  • LONG LASTING CHEW TOY: Spin-a-Bone is a long lasting, ultra-satisfying chew toy to engage your dog and satisfy their chewing needs!
  • BACON FLAVORED: Permeated with real bacon to keep your dog happy and satisfied.
  • IMPROVES ORAL HEALTH: A fun, interactive toy that helps improves your dog’s oral hygiene and saves you money on their dental bills.
  • TRIGGERS NATURAL INSTINCTS: This spinning dog toy is a fun way to engage your dog’s hunting, chasing, and playing instincts
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Spin-a-Bone comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee for you and your dog, or your money back.

The Spin-a-bone is a super tough nylon chew bone that spins like a top (or fidget spinner).

Made with real bacon and the same safe nylon as the original Bullibone, chewing Spin-a-bone reduces tartar and plaque to freshen your dog’s breath by maintaining healthier gums, an important component of good canine dental hygiene.


Simply place the bone on a flat surface and give it a whirl! The spinning action triggers a dog’s natural hunting and chasing instincts and makes them feel rewarded once the bone is caught. Spina-Bone is designed to fit most dogs.